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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 16, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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'm a torts in the race but a joyful tourtis. >> reporter: while trump is pack them in by the thousands, bush's crowds are far smaller. analysts say bush underperformed name. he's tried to connect his legacy to regan and reached out to latinos in spanish. [ speaking spanish] >> reporter: still with no traction, a republican insider insists that he needs to take the it to trump. >> he needs to take a page out of the trump play book and point out that ease rr not ready to be president. >> somebody comes at me, bam,ium i'll. >> back at him. >> and a superpack launching a
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20 million dollared a ad by. >> that was peter alexander reporting. and a terrifying look that wild fires ravaging california. and a family's desperate escape with only moments to spare. a woman spotted smoke in the distance. she said they never received the mandatory evacuation order and spent time packing but the danger started to set in when they had to drive through the burning forest to leave. the family's home was destroyed and the fire is now just 15% contained. in just a few hours, volunteers will gather to search for the last missing victim in the deadly flash flooding in the utah-mississippi border. and for the first time, we're getting a tragic look at what happened. we want to warn viewers about
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the images and the sound. >> reporter: it happened in an instant. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: raging flood waters and mud ripping across a road, two vehicles filled with three families, 16 people disappearing. swept away, hundreds of yards. three survived, as did others trapped. and unable to wade away to safety in waist high water. virginia black shot this on her cell phone. the water rose. >> we wished we could do something but started to realize we were in trouble too. >> reporter: search crews continue the efforts to find the missing and shelter for victims one moment, a tomb the next. >> i've lived here all my life and never seen anything like this. >> reporter: a small puligmist
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community and its sister, dumping two and half inches of rain in just two hours. >> and over 1,000 feet and literally just a wall of water rushing into hildale. >> it hurts my heart hearing about all these people. well, a frightening accident in houston to show you. a school bus carrying four charter students slam under med into a guardrail and plunged off an over pass. two died and others and bus driver were injured. they say a driver of a beige buick claims she swerved to avoid another vehicle and hit the bus.
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they're reviewing surveillance footage from the bus. and hungary's barb wire complete. and refugees, they are stuck. piling up at what used to be a main entrance to the european union. they're fleeing violence in their home countries and for many of them that is syria, where over 200,000 have died during a civil war. and they're battling a regime of assad. he's backed by russian president, sflad vladimir putin. things are tense. and yesterday, the white house opened the possibility of a meeting between putin and obama on the issue. mean while, isis has violently taken control of syria.
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1 in 5 syrians in syria believe isis is a positive influence on the country and 81% believe it's a foreign or american-made group. now to something a little bit lighter at home. a life size hot wheels in action. for jaguar's 8th an vrs 0th anniversary, this is the first time a pedestrian car has done this truck and the driver, carry grant, said he had to train for two months to make sure his body was ready for all those g's. j now a storm causing a retaining wall to give way in southern california, leaving one house on the brink of collapse.
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fortunately, no one was hurt. and meteorologist, bill karins is here with your wednesday weather. >> it's been hit or mis. l.a. yesterday, about an inch of rain and for them that was significant, especially in september. andm miami to fort lauderdale there, are some thunderstorms that are going to try to blow. and during the afternoon, we'll get that to merge a little bit in the middle. we're now halfway through the month of september and it's been historically warm in the great lakes area. and we have the last half of the month to go but the long-range forecast is for a warm end of the month. we're about four 1/2 degrees above the all time highest september we've ever had.
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this is off the charts, minneapolis, chicago, all on pace for the warmest weather you've ever seen. and that's your national weather, now a closer look at the day ahead. well, florida, we mentioned the rain possibilities for you, a little cool this morning in the southeast. it will be beautiful this afternoon through the caroline as and all the way up to vermont in the mid-80s. which is very rare thin mid in the middle of september. and one of the world's biggest pet companies is about to cut 30,000 jobs. and facebook about to change your social network experience. and coming to america, the pope's plans. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program
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after brushing, listerine total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine total care to the total family. listerine total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth . welcome back everybody. stories making news this
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morning, 37 members of the fraternity facing charges connected to the death of a freshman. chun was badly injured during a brutal hazing ritual called the 2013. >> the object is to get through a line of brothers while they slam and tackle the pledges. >> and his family says they will pursue a wrongful death suit so others will not endure a similar loss of a child. and a copy of an apology letter written by delta shooting suspect, shannon lamb. he allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend and later, a fellow professor, ethan schmidt at delta university on monday. there's a gofund me memorial
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fund to raise money for schmidt schmidt's children. and the faa has prohibited drones in those cities and surrounding cities. and he says he will speak in english when he addresses the white house and congress and united nations. time now to get down to business. right now, stock futures slightly lower following tuesday's rally ahead of the fed's decision on whether to move interest rates. and hul ewlet packered hopes to save 2.7 billion dollars by cutting 30,000 jobs. so, you want to see that snapchat again? well, you can for a fee.
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they're now letting users replay a snap up to three times for a dollar. and what if hitting the like right? well, they're working on a dislike button for people to express themselves in other ways than the like post. and fedex raising shipping january. and just ahead, ufc football has a new player, just one thing, he's blind. and a "game of thrones" villain arm wrestles a wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to,
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this morning on "today," the hacking of america. how hackers are using the lure of free wifi to pray on tourists. and the free concert series continues with a performance by lionel richie. and steven strasburg was nearly perfect, giving up just one hit. and harper had four homers and they shut out phillies, 4-0. and royals out fielder send a 1-0 pitch to a solo home run and the man in charge of fireworks,
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he set them off for the visiting team. can you say oops? you see the man responsible trying to hide in his hat as he receives boos from the crowd. royals get the win 2-0. long time ufc football fan is fulfilling his life long dream. he's joining the trojan football team even though he's been blind most of his life. he's been working for six years to be snapper. and the mountain. who is also europe's strongest man and he is no contest and he easily defeats him with his left and right arm. take that, the mountain. all right, so, great scott,
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television has criticism for not having women. and trevor noah says we should take note of how the landscape has changed to include himself and larry willmore. remember the "junglebook?" they released a trailer yesterday. oh, that looks good. >> a little scary. >> i know. michael j. fox and christopher lloyd are back as marty mcfly and doc brown in the upcoming lego movie and it features other legendary characters like the ghostbusters and batman. >> does that mean we're going? >> back to the future.
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here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you, you. right down to your skin. aveeno daily moisturizing lotion with 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. aveeno . naturally beautiful results losing the news from nbc 4 new york, escape artist hospitalizes after near drowning during stunts.
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he was locked in a water filled plexiglass box when he became visibly destressed. first hunl man head transplant date set for 2017. and a man volunteering in hopes that will give him a second chance. his head will be attached to a healthy body from a brain dead donor. a team of italian and chinese neurosurgeons plan to carry out the $15,000,000 operation in china. good luck with that. astronaut scott kelly tweeted from space that he's halfway year his year long assignment on the space station. it's to better understand how space effects the body. and the artist put this post
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on instagram wednesday. he said thank you to vladimir putin, i look forward to meeting with you face to face and discussing lgbt equality in russia. he told bbc that he would love to sit down and talk with the russian leader. and the national zoo's tiny panda cub is not so tiny anymore but adorable. he's approaching two pounds and is showing his markings. the zoo will announce the name for the male cub when he's 100 days old in november. don't you just want to hold him? video has gone viral of a recent death defying stunt in slo venia. he decided he wanted to ride down the dam and the adrenalin junky bikes down the almost vertical wall and slams into the
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water below. the video has gotten over 4 1/2 million views. hillary clinton set to appear on the toont night show with jimmy fallon. i want to say happy birthday to rapper florider and david copper field turns 59. i'm betty nguyen, thanks for watching "early today." have a terrific wednesday.
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a derailed freight train pulled from the tracks. what it means for the morning commute. plus, mayor dds dds laying out new goals. the major announcement that impacts hundreds of thousands of new york city students. and police need help finding these people who preyed on an elderly woman. how they swindled her for $90,000. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 16th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino here with the forecast. >> michael, who's the one next to you? >> my friend darlene. >> beautiful in red this morning. >> it's a hologram.
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>> we'll take that. 67 degrees. it's a nice morning. yesterday we went into the middle 80s. today i think it's upper 80s. still seeing a couple upper 40s in the distant suburbs. by noontime, a high of 81. we'll top off near 87 this afternoon. more weather news ahead. >> thank you very much. crews removed the freight train that derailed on long island. the train went off the tracks west of the hicksville station. 14 hours later, it's still impacting long island railroad riders. lauren has the latest from the liir, but we begin with katherine creag with with the latest on repairs. >> reporter: we're live here from the hicksville train station. we saw one train here early this morning coming from new york city, from penn station. commuters told us that it was going a little bit slower than they're used to, but it was running.
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we know, according to the mta, that trains are running in both directions, but there might be delays, there might be cancellations. be ready for anything, the mta says, because repairs have to be made to 200 feet of track just west of here. that is where a freight train carrying construction debris derailed overnight. workers removed it. we have video. it took hours to remove it, but it is gone. but the tracks have to be looked at, inspected, and repaired. the derailment happened at 1:00 in the afternoon. it took seven hours for regular or close to regular liir service to resume. it was around 8:00 at night when trains were running but delayed. in the meantime, the afternoon rush was severely impacted. at one point, shuttle buses were running. people near the site of the derailment said it was loud when it happened. >> at the moment of impact, it was just the sound of, you know, brakes hitting. >> it's scary. don't get me wrong, but like i said, thank god it wasn't a
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regular passenger train. it's just trash. >> reporter: the mta says there will be no eastbound train service at this point between 6:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the morning, darlene. but as far as where we are here in hicksville, trains are running in both directions. they're just going to be delayed. cancellations throughout the back to you. now we get to lauren with what commuters need to know. >> that's right. katherine just gave us a little bit of that information. just to e reiterate, you can expect 10 to 15-minute delays as well as cancellations on both the ronkonkoma and port jefferson stations. some westbound trains are going to be bypassing westbury and carle place. we'll continue to keep you posted on that. while we're on the trains here, we have downtown 4 and 6 and a
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and e trains running express for


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